Sunday, March 10, 2013

Where I Am Going

A journey
that requires
no steps.

A path
that heads
in no direction.

I stand
at the beginning
and the end
of where I am going.

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Dr. Mike said...


It begins again –
The rain that is not the same
On pathways that are.
But here there are no
Pathways – just rubble of an
Empty parking lot.
Unraked Japanese
Garden full of gravel and
Discarded toothpicks.
What begins again
Has no knowledge of what came
Before it could breathe.
I’ve seen this photo
Again, but light was clearer
Then and tasted fresh.
Over and over,
Under and under, start-ups
Rise without fall-backs.
Stones rinse their hides in
The drizzle of other stones,
All imagined rain.
There’s no beginning.
Suddenly we are and we
Are. It’s all being.

[Disposable Haiku June 10, 2013]
Dr. Mike