Monday, March 4, 2013

What Would Become?

What would become of laws
if good behavior was the norm?

What would become of morality
if all worked for the common good?

What would become of religion
if salvation was already in hand?

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Dr. Mike said...


The less well-behaved
Apes throw feces at others;
The well-behaved shush.
The Alpha apes screech,
Jabber, and swing from taut vines;
The discreet apes swoon.
The apes in suits show
Their briefs before grim judges;
Juries of apes vote.
Sequestered apes use
The scent of farts to tell who
Belongs to the clan.
When it comes to good
Grooming, nothing can beat one
Hairy gorilla.
A scientist in
An ape suit soon learns who is
Not to be trusted.
They are all part of
The same experiment; apes
Love to be studied.

[Disposable Haiku March 4, 2013]
Dr. Mike