Saturday, March 30, 2013


Everything passes away in its turn.
What lasts was never born.

Does this wisp of life matter more
because it's just a whisper?

Or does it matter less
because it will soon be gone?

Why isn't it enough just to be
here now?

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Dr. Mike said...

Never Born

When does a kiss last?
Notice how the mannequins
Are posed to sell clothes.

Elbows angled, hands
Splayed, legs apart, these gestures
Taser the human.

As if caught off guard,
Their bewildered gaze freezes
Into glacial cool.

What could awaken
These knuckleheads into
Real men and women?

By escaping death,
Their eternal time clamped on
One moment too long.

Wonder is like that,
Once the kiss has left its sting
And you’re recognized.

[Disposable Haiku March 30, 2013]
Dr, Mike