Monday, March 25, 2013

All We Have

Nature mimics nature.
Imitation creates patterns.
Patterns lead to assumptions.
Assumptions birth expectations.
Expectations project a future.
The future is created now.
Now is all we have.

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Dr. Mike said...

Just About Now

The tribe that had no
Future tense lived without plans,
Took crops where they grew,
Slew whatever chanced their way,
And saw nothing in shadow.

What was named one day
Disappeared the next, but they
Never knew, for each
Day was always the same, and
No one thought to keep records.

Each birth was new, and
Each death was without wonder;
Fortune meant nothing.
“Same old, same old,” they would say –
They who thought just about now.

[Disposable Tanka March 25, 2013]
Dr. Mike