Friday, March 22, 2013


What do I know
about enlightenment?

Do I know enough
to tell a tree it can
never be enlightened?

What if we humans
are the last ones to get it?

What if the ten thousand things
have been waiting patiently
all of these years for us
laggards to finally wake up?

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Dr. Mike said...


The cross hangs Christ and
Oedipus as a warning --
Humans kill prophets.


Here in the deep South,,
The cross burns in front yards of
Those who would change things.


Are women as well
Hung up to die, their bodies
Forfeit to male rule?


If only death throes
Were less like birth; someone
Always remembers.


Worms, this body is
Almost ready. Unknown grave --
A true nobody.

[Disposable Haiku March 22, 2013]
Dr. Mike