Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tree Lessons

When branches die
before the tree dies,
careful pruning
is the answer.

When roots die
before the tree dies,
working the soil
is required.

Release what is
no longer needed.
Loosen what binds.

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Dr. Mike said...

Easter 2013

A gruel of dank bark
From a sycamore, staunch teak
With ivory taste.

Sweats, exhausted, each
Bead freezing in the cold wind;
Cordwood calls for fire.

To name the real thing
Rearranges the chips, spine
Splintered, high tension

Wires screeching out
And pointing, with fingers cracked
Askew, toward the stars.

From this mud brew, stirs
Another staring over,
Startled, without a

Memory of what
Came before. There: at the base,
Duplicate copies.

[Disposable Haiku, 2013]
Dr. Mike