Thursday, March 21, 2013

Art Teachers

Lichen and birds 
taught us what painters do.

Rivers and boulders
taught us what sculptors do.

Winds and forests
taught us what composers do.

Thunder and silence
taught us what poets do.

The natural world
taught us what artists do.

We didn't come by
these things on our own.

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Dr. Mike said...


Scowls inside a scoop
Hack open the rusty hinge --
Only imagined.

The image came from
Where? No one knows. A ghost dance?
A wicked tree limb?

Easier to ask
Questions than to find answers.
Answers are suspect.

Take this picture. What
Escaped the frame is what’s real.
If anything’s real.

A grain of sand in
This eye as its aperture
Seals the pain of sight.
Seeing nothing -- as
Long as there’s light, pixels morph
Into metaphors.
The eye does not last --
Just the pleasure of being
Ignored or silenced.
One drop chocolate,
One mint, and the chalice is
Ready to drink from.

[Disposable Haiku March 21, 2013]
Dr, Mike