Friday, March 8, 2013

First Step

To see
through the trees
to the forest within
is the first step

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Dr. Mike said...

Meditations on Lightning

When cumulous clouds
Can hold their charge no longer,
Light will breach the earth.


In a open field,
The one who stands up always
Risks sudden burnout.


Ideas hurt less
Than lightning, though sometimes few
Will survive either.


Random strikes take out
The innocent along with
The presumed guilty.

To guide the lost, light
From a candle’s not the same
As a tree on fire.


Lightning’s sneakier
Than a rattlesnake because
It gives no warning

Lightning’s coiffure roils
Across the desert as if
A coil of barbed wire.

[Disposable Haiku March 8, 2013]
Dr. Mike