Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where Morals Come From

Trying to live a spiritual life is not the same as trying to live a moral life. It’s not the same as trying to live a good and decent life. It’s about trying to live a life of awareness.

Awareness teaches me to see. The more I see, the more the rest of my life begins to take care of itself. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be a better person. It means I’m going to see those places where I can help, and if I don’t help when I can, I’ll feel the loss of not helping.

Awareness teaches me to help the next time. To smile the next time. To say hello the next time. To be patient the next time. To care the next time. To be kind.


Galen Pearl said...

This post reminds me of chapter 38 of the Dao De Jing, which contains a "hierarchy" of values. All values come naturally when one is in harmony with Dao, like the fruits of the spirit described in the Bible. Awareness/seeing is a perfect way to characterize the spiritual life. Like a verse in The Book of Mormon--"Their labor was to look."

HK Stewart said...


Great observations. Thanks for writing.

H. K.

P.S.: I'd say that chapter 38 is one of my favorites, but how can I really have "favorites" when the whole book is so good?