Sunday, June 18, 2017

Spirituality Quote of the Week

Inner brightness ends up being a much better and longer-lasting alternative to evil than any war, anger, violence, or ideology could ever be. All you have to do is meet one such shining person and you know that he or she is surely the goal of humanity and the delight of God.

-- Richard Rohr


Painting Demos by Brian Rice said...

I read a couple of Rohr's books . My favorite is Falling Upward. Also I listened to many you tube video's of his talks . I have a respect for him. He is Christian mystic with an open mind. -Brian

HK Stewart said...


I like "Falling Upward," too. In fact, that's where I found this quote. And I agree with you. He is a Christian mystic with an open mind. (But then again, it seems to me that an open mind is one of the prerequisites for being a mystic of any flavor, Christian or otherwise.)

H. K.