Thursday, June 1, 2017

Not that Jesus

With a title like "Christian Taoism," there's a good chance Jesus will come up in these posts from time to time.

I should note, though, that the Jesus I'm writing about isn't Jesus the savior. He isn't Jesus the messiah. He isn't Jesus the sacrificial lamb. He isn't Jesus the Son of God.

There are already plenty of people writing blogs about that Jesus.

The Jesus I'm writing about is Jesus the mystic. Jesus the Taoist. Jesus the Sufi. Jesus the finger-pointing-at-the-moon. Jesus the enlightened. Jesus the Bodhisattva of the Kingdom of God.

Let there be light.


Galen Pearl said...

I once described Jesus as a Bodhisattva to someone who was struggling with the more fundamentalist concept. Ahhhh, she said.

Okay, all caught up now with your new posts. So glad you're back. This was a nice way to spend the morning.

HK Stewart said...


Great to see you back. I'm enjoying your comments.

Yes, Jesus got a lot more interesting to me once I was able to shed my old views.

Thanks for commenting.

H. K.

Painting Demos by Brian Rice said...

This is the Jesus I can identify with and the one I am getting to understand . Stephen Mitchell book The gospel according to Jesus was an eye opener for me.

HK Stewart said...


I mentioned in my response to your comment on another post that you might also check out Marcus Borg's book entitled "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time." I think you might find it interesting.

Along this same line, here's something I wrote back in 2014 in these pages about "the gospel":

Thanks again for reading and writing.

H. K.