Sunday, June 4, 2017

Spirituality Quote of the Week*

Really hearing a bird sing or really seeing a blue sky, we touch the seed of the Holy Spirit within us.

-- Thich Nhat Hanh

* For the last seven years (almost), I've been sending out what I call my spirituality quote of the week via email to a list of friends. I also post it on my Facebook page. (That's pretty much the only thing I do on Facebook, btw.) And now that I'm back here again, it seems only fitting that I should post them on here, too. I hope you find one you like every now and then.


Galen Pearl said...

Great idea. I look forward to your weekly quotes.

HK Stewart said...

Thanks, Galen. I hope you find some you like as we go along.

H. K.

S0phia Inkpen said...

Really seeing and really hearing... is a lot harder than we think.

HK Stewart said...


Start small and work your way up.

And don't forget to smell the roses along the way.

H. K.