Monday, June 19, 2017

The Original Definition

As I mentioned elsewhere, prayer can refer to a lot of things we don't normally think of as prayer.

Everything I encounter in my daily life can become a prayer. Every experience I have has the potential to bring me back to an awareness of the Mystery. When that happens and I become aware, that’s prayer.

Watching sunlight on the sky-turned face of a lake. Listening to wind hiss through ripe wheat. Smelling coffee in a dark morning. Tasting salt. Touching water. Prayers, all of them prayers.

It’s the awareness that makes it work. Paying attention is prayer. Paying attention as big as I can as often as I can enlarges me. It guides me to wholeness -- the original definition of perfection.


Conveyance Doctor said...

HK, When I absorb this "prayer" posting along with your 6/21 "gratitude" posting I am thankful that you have inspired me. Thanks, I am grateful.

HK Stewart said...

Dr. C:

I know I've been writing overly much about prayer lately, but I'm glad to know that at least some of it inspired you. I really appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment.

H. K.

S0phia Inkpen said...

Everyday, I try to look at something and really see it. I've considered that as a prayer of thanks, and a reason to be grateful for life.

HK Stewart said...


Awareness is its own gift. Gratitude is its own gift. When I'm not aware or when I'm not grateful, I leave these gifts unopened.

Thanks for reading and writing.

H. K.