Friday, June 9, 2017

Pour Love on It

I think I'm fascinated by fear. My own fear. The fear I see in others. It's a deep-rooted thing, fear -- like love. They both go deep. Maybe they both grow out of the same seed way down inside us. They're both deep and vast. I know that.

Fear comes out of my sense that I stop at my skin. There's me, and then there's everything and everyone else -- all that isn’t me. My goal is to keep myself alive in this universe of everything else. And if I fail, I die. I cease to be. I disappear.

That's what fear teaches.

Love reminds me that even though I'm separate, I'm not separate. Love wears away the walls I build to protect myself from The Other, no matter how thick I make them.

Love is an odd dance partner for fear, but they do balance one another out -- at least here among what Lao-tzu called the ten thousand things.

Here's something else I've learned: Fear is useless in battling fear. Fighting fear with fear only creates more fear. The way to overcome fear is to pour love on it.


Galen Pearl said...

You are right--I must have been "seeing" ahead in my comment on an earlier post! Fear dissipates in the presence of love, like morning fog kissed by the sun.

HK Stewart said...


Told you. But go ahead and read ahead if you like. (Still not sure how you're doing that, though.)

Like minds, like thoughts, I guess...

I'm sure I'll end up writing this in a post one of these days, but I'll put it here just in case I forget. For me, salvation isn't about heaven or hell. Salvation is about freedom from fear. (This I know from up-close, personal experience.) And just as with those whose salvation concerns heaven and hell, Love is the source of my salvation from fear, too.

When I let it be, that is.

Thanks for reading and writing. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

H. K.