Thursday, February 21, 2013

Without Time

Without time,
distance is an illusion.

Without distance,
ego is an illusion.

Without ego,
the ten thousand things
are an illusion.

Without the
ten thousand things,
always Tao remains.

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Dr. Mike said...

Time Is A Function Of Human Life

How any cubes fit
Inside? As many as count
Up without fingers.


What is that speed? None,
For all measurement requires
Before and after.

Is there even sound,
Or a shadow of thought on
Plato’s inner cave?


Of course! The human
Flaw is why we’re still here, fine
As close integers.


To recognize each
Blessing, mute particulars
Writhe in wise wrinkles.

[Disposable Haiku February 21, 2013]
Dr. Mike