Thursday, February 14, 2013

Without Both

Light and dark bring
vision into being.

Without both,
we remain blind.

Good and evil
work the same way.

Without both,
we're spiritually blind.

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Dr. Mike said...


I come with my head
On a platter, a silver
Chalice in one hand.
Blessing the sacrament of
A church Matrimony..

Cherubic, fat smiles
Pucker at my lips’ edges,
As if twitching for
A missing body, temple
Where two consummate their love.

Here I am again,
An amalgam of tweets and
Chocolate wings, by
Sugar resurrected for
Those longer-lasting kisses.

Unfolded, both red
Halves throb, thrusting fireflies
Into monarchs for
Disseminating pollen
Over fields of wild flowers.

[Disposable Tanka February 14, 2013]
Dr. Mike