Monday, February 4, 2013

Blind Light

To be struck blind
on a spiritual road
is nothing new.

It happens all the time.

The arresting thing
is how much light hides
in that temporary darkness.

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Dr. Mike said...


Too soon, mon vieux, too soon!
Whisperers ghost the halls
Teasing out a tune, their night lute
Strung from guts and fur balls,

Dry-wheezing inside a carapace
Of ancient heraldry, its iron grill
A grimace of snuff and bitters,
As if northern winds had iced over.

Ensconced within a fever, no longer shy
To lose their tempers and rage,
Elders ring the stumps and clock
Splinters among fresh nestings,

Draw lots for better intellect, wit,
Or cunning in the bureaucratic needle
That threnodies thread, full certain
How wisdom is paralyzed by light.

[Disposable Poem February 4, 2013]
Dr. Mike