Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Water Tao

Water flows forever downward
and dissipates into thin air.

It is the bearer of all things.
It endlessly flows and returns.

It is like a reflection of the Tao.
A reflection of your own face.

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Dr. Mike said...


Refracted light bends
Minnows between a trident’s
Prongs. rusted by salt.
Scales ripple beneath
Mermaids like a xylophone
Of echo feedback.
Water defines space
Only to reform elsewhere,
Emulating fog.
Those diamonds at
Each crest wave goodbye to what
The sunrise fractures.
If these were hands, how
Deep could they burrow to change
The course of rivers!
Water is always
On a quest for salt, to taste
Worthy of a child.

[Disposable Haiku February 13, 2013]
Dr. Mike