Monday, November 5, 2012

Progress Report

Progress is a story
the ego tells itself
to make its journey

Progress is a myth
we tell our children
to give them something
to do.

Progress is a legend
I hold onto in my heart
because I'm not ready to
let it go.

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Dr. Mike said...

Song: Entitlement Generation

Tear down the masterpieces,
Deface The Scream
Replace sacred places
With your personal dream

The body decomposes fast
Nature drowns small towns
Why honor the historical past
Ignore what brings you down

Stand above the fray and judge
While the power’s still on
Bear your brass like a grudge
Against the godless dawn

You make what’s true stay true
Because you say it’s so
So burn your books and spew
All the insults you know

[Disposable Poem November 4, 2012]
Dr. Mike