Monday, November 26, 2012


What makes a rock
a comfortable place
to build a home?

Any place is comfortable
if you fit yourself to it.

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Dr. Mike said...

"Any Place You Hang Your Hat...." [after F. Sinatra]

The copyright to my life has expired. As I sit, sipping a Diet Coke with Lime [PRODUCT PLACEMENT], I search the ads for funeral services and estate management. When family no longer remember it's your birthday, what use is the cell phone [SAMSUN VERIZON PRODUCT PLACEMENT] since the only calls I get are from the desperately poor who can no longer afford to be on FaceBook [PRODUCT PLACEMENT: GIANT SUCKING SOUND]. All our lives are original thoughts, carefully eavesdropped upon by ruthless corporations whose computers can do number-crunching faster than the speed of light [AT&T. SILICON BREAST IMPLANTS]. As emails say, YOU TOO MAY BE A WINNER!

[Disposable Prose November 26, 2012]
Dr. Mike