Friday, November 2, 2012

Becoming My God

If I think my wealth
is my greatest hedge
against destruction,
then what I possess
becomes my God.

If I think my faith
is my greatest barrier
against annihilation,
then what I believe
becomes my God.

If I think my life
is already safe enough,
then what I trust
becomes my God.


Dr. Mike said...


has no God. It warms
Affection through exchanges,
Even when nothing is given
back. Like when I gave
“Twisted City”

To a creative writing student
Who wanted to write cop procedurals,
Telling him, “Books do no good
If they sit on shelves.” Or when
I removed books, CDs, and

DVDs to donate to the college
Library. Slowly I am ex-
Cavating this apartment: how
Much can I get rid of? Baby
Ruths for Halloween,

Or mail-ordered coconut
Oranges for Thanksgiving?
Chinese scrolls, and original
Drawings, photographs, paintings
From students --

To get rid of those would make
Me feet guilty. Once you’re
A recipient of a gift
You wind up responsible
For taking care of it.

[Disposable Poem November 2, 2012]
Dr. Mike

HK Stewart said...

Dr. Mike:

I love this one. Thanks for posting.

H. K.