Friday, July 14, 2017

Lao-tzu's Kingdom

About 15 or so years ago, I was rummaging through a pile of "last chance" books on a cart at a bookstore, and I happened on a copy of Stephen Mitchell’s “English version” of the Tao Te Ching. I picked it up, read a few pages, and decided to buy it.

Up to that point, I'd heard of Taoism, but I didn't know much about it. Mainly, I just knew it was an ancient Chinese religion and that the black-and-white, "yin and yang" circle was one of its symbols.

What I found when I sat down and read it was a beautiful book of 81 poem-like “chapters” supposedly written by a Chinese contemporary of Confucius named Lao-tzu.

But more than that, I found in its pages the kingdom of God. Lao-tzu saw what the Buddha saw. He saw what Jesus saw. He saw what anybody can see who looks and expects to see.

So do I see?

I see what I see, and what I see is enough. But only if I'm willing to believe my eyes.

Sometimes I'm not.

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Painting Demos by Brian Rice said...

I find in Tao, no sense of judgement or sin. There is no fear of the external deity. There is love ,joy, peace, forgiveness and compassion which flows from a greater sense of being and this being is connected with Tao. This is what all the enlightened, and awakened, beings saw throughout history. Jesus called it "the kingdom of heaven" because for his generation those were words they understood.