Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mirror Image

Who is below
is also above.

Who is on the right
is also on the left.

Who is in front
is also behind.

We are all mirrors
facing each other.


Dr. Mike said...

Why I Still Don’t Belong Here # 2

On the other side
Of me is me trying not
To be me or you.

Disposable Haiku September 11, 2012]
Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike said...


The quarry at night,
Like all things, dissolves in flight
Worship and weapons.

Autumnal woodlands,
Matchsticks of iced fire and air,
Singe, flinch, and whistle.

Solid flow transforms
Steel to mercury, and back,
Honing hooves to wings.

The alternative,
The wild, proves insubstantial
As rivers of rock.

[Disposable Haiku September 12, 2012]
Dr. Mike