Monday, September 24, 2012

Four Plagues

Fear is what divides us.
Hate is what defeats us.
Greed is what starves us.
Ignorance is what kills us.


Dr. Mike said...

The Black Swifts

Black swifts, clandestine
Behind waterfalls off steep
Crags, nurture one egg.

[Disposable Haiku September 24, 2012]
Dr. Mike

エスタ said...

Hello there,

Is this all your original writing?

Wish I could reply in kind, but wanted to say I share the sentiments and appreciate the beauty with which you express them.


HK Stewart said...

Hi, Esther:

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I'm the guilty party -- writer and photographer both. (From time to time, I'll use a photo my wife has taken, but I give her credit in the comments section when I do.)

BTW, I love the photos on your blog, too.

Thanks again for reading. I'm glad you like it.

H. K.

HK Stewart said...

P.S.: I should add that when I write, I try to sit and listen a lot first. Sometimes I hear better than at other times, which is probably pretty obvious.

H. K.