Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Is Missing?

What is missing from this moment?
Only my presence and attention.

What is lacking in my life?
Only open eyes and an open mind.

What do I need and not have?
Only awareness of what is already mine.

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Dr. Mike said...

Vapor Trails

Blink once, and they’ve passed,
Arched links to the universe

[Disposable Haiku July 26, 2012]
Dr. Mike

“We need a language NOW. State. Consciousness. We need a language based on experience, on what I would like to call inner empiricism. Science is based on outer empiricism. But there’s also an inner empiricism. It shows you the truth of yourself. And when that’s awakened, that begins to show you the truth of the world. The instruments that have been used by science begin to serve something else.” – interview with Jacob Needleman, “Parabola” 37.3 [FALL 2012] 35.

On the Apollo 17 photograph of the Earth:
“The round Earth was alive, breathing, three-dimensional – that is, the real Earth existed. The real Earth had being, was being, beyond all interpretation. An immense living thing huge and tiny all at once. Beginning to be nursed and cared for, at the same time, ancient, massive, and all powerful.
“The Earth was alive and we all, nearly everyone in the world, felt it as alive with a feeling that came from the unknown center of our Earth, our own body, our own organic reality. Without so many words, we saw. At one and the same time, that we, human beings, mankind, are both of the Earth and, in that quality of seeing, beyond the Earth.” -- Jacob Needleman, “Eyes Open, In The Present,” “Parabola” 37.3 [FALL 2012] 41.