Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Where is the center of the universe?
In the heartwood of every tree.

Where is the center of wisdom?
At the core of every conflict.

Where is the center of God?
In the heart of every loving act.


Dr. Mike said...

At the Convent of Sant'Orsola in Florence

When Mona Lisa’s
Skeleton was found, were hers
Rigor mortis smiles?

[Disposable Haiku July 18, 2012]
Dr. Mike

Katie said...

have been reading your blog for some time now, and am curious about dr. mike. are you friends in real life? why only the disposable haikus?

HK Stewart said...


Yes, Dr. Mike and I have known each other since the 1990s. He lives in another city here in Arkansas, so we don't see each other very often, though.

As for his "disposable" poetry, he's been doing that for as long as I can remember. Needless to say, I think his work is anything but disposable, and I'm happy to see his contributions to the blog.

Thanks for asking. And thanks for reading.

H. K.

katie said...

thanks for the scoop, I was so curious!