Monday, September 28, 2015

Hell Volunteers

We love hell --
as long as it's
someone else's.

When it's ours,
we start looking
for someone else
to take our place.

If no one volunteers,
we pick someone.


Dr. Mike said...

In Memoriam Phil Woods

The whisks whiten brooms
Wistful as a porcupine
Or old man with sax.

[Disposable Haiku October 2, 2015]
Dr. Mile

Dr. Mike said...


There is no safety at home.
Bullets go straight through walls,
not to mention the drones.

There is no safety at school.
Chalk it up to i-phones and chat rooms
and disrespect for authority.

There is no safety at church.
Race matters even in mosques.
For prayer, hands cup blood.

You know everything I can say.
Community has split wide open.
Polarization is the work of the devil.

[Disposable Poem October 1, 2015]
Dr. Mike

HK Stewart said...

Dr. Mike:

Thanks for this. You're right. Polarization is devil's work.

H. K.