Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not Yet Cured

I'm constantly healed of fear,
but I've yet to be cured of it.

Another reason to rest in Tao.


roughterrain crane said...

Hello. How have you been?
I love this photo showing the harmony: light, water, silence and human acts.

HK Stewart said...

Hi, RTC. It's great to see your name pop up again.

I'm fine. Life here is good. I hope all is well in your world, too.

As for the photo, I took it on a recent trip to the Lodge at Mount Magazine State Park here in Arkansas. No one was using the lodge's indoor pool one morning, so I was able to take several photos before anyone showed up. Beyond the windows is a view looking south toward a river valley below and more mountains beyond. I'm glad you like the photo.

Speaking of photos, I loved the one you posted several weeks ago of the summer dance festival. It was beautiful.

Thanks for checking in.

H. K.