Friday, August 29, 2014

What Words Can't Know

Words tell us what we see.
Language keeps us
grounded in the world.

But every label is a limit.
Every name is a boundary.
Every description is a box.

None of these will get us closer
to knowing who we really are.


Anonymous said...

There is not one single piece of historical evidence to prove that Jesus ever existed. Not one single scholar or historian from the first century AD mentioned even a single word about Jesus. That's pretty strange, considering that Jesus was supposed to have been some big public figure, going around raising the dead, performing miracles, with thousands of followers. Very odd indeed that not one single scholar or historian from that time period mentioned even a single word about Jesus.


エスタ said...

Thank you for your beautiful words.

HK Stewart said...


Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate your passion (pardon the pun).

My guess is that 2,000 years or so from now, there will be no evidence that you or I ever existed, either, and yet here we are.

To tell you the truth, I'm not nearly as interested in who Jesus was (or even whether he was) as I am in what he had to say about the "kingdom of heaven." If he existed, and I think he probably did, he was a mystic who had a deep awareness of the presence of [fill in your favorite name for the Divine here], and he wanted to help others gain their own awareness of that presence, too.

It's that awareness that I'm interested in.

As for Jesus, he was another "finger pointing at the moon" as far as I'm concerned -- real or not.

Thanks again for reading.


HK Stewart said...

Hi, Esther.

It's always a pleasure to see your comments. Thanks for reading. I'm glad you like what you find here.