Monday, March 24, 2014

Not the Thing

The word rain is not wet.
It doesn't quench thirst.
It doesn't relieve a drought.
It doesn't carve mountains.
It doesn't fill the ocean.

The word God is not divine.
It doesn't quench doubt.
It doesn't relieve worry.
It doesn't carve lifetimes.
It doesn't fill the universe.

The word is not the thing.
Only the thing is the thing.


Bei Kuan-tu said...

It appears we're all subjects, possibly even slaves to the enticing tentacles our immediate culture.

Words/concepts included!

HK Stewart said...

We are a symbol-dependent species, so it's only natural that we'd be drawn to words and concepts. It's good to remember from time to time that the symbol is not the thing, though -- especially when it comes to a "thing" like Tao.

Thanks for the comment, Bei.