Monday, April 1, 2013

Same Ground

All branches return to the same root.
All paths return to the same Ground.

Whatever begins has an end.
What doesn't does not.

The beginning of all beginnings.
The end of all ends.

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Dr. Mike said...


Softly there. The dead
Bamboo shoots. Walking-sticks for
Broken legs. Swords sheathed.

Worms. And more worms. Mouths
Burrowing through sealed coffins.
Anything awake?

Sampling, like hip-hop.
Punks’ cut-ups. Contrapuntal
Bone on xylophone.

Asking for it. Blight.
Palsy. Purple splotches. Dry
Heaves. Shredded poems.

One for burning. One
Mulch. Brain-dead. Eyeless sockets
To punch both thumbs through.

[Disposable Haiku April 1, 2013]
Dr. Mike