Friday, August 17, 2012

Seven Friends

One who listens.
One who says the right thing.
One who quotes others.
One who asks good questions.
One who pretends not to see.
One who stays behind.
One who knows when to go.

The one who won't hear
is not a friend.

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Dr. Mike said...

Little Red Schoolhouse

Autodidacts act
Aristocratic addicts
Showboating their jobs.
Numbers in tumblers
Chase retarded retention.
“You’d better add up!”
Suave bureaucrats preen,
“Listen to me. Do as I
Say. Or I won’t pay.”
Here they come, the hordes,
Bored. “Entertain me!” they rave.
Teachers shuck and jive.

[Disposable Haiku August 17, 2012]
Dr. Mike